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30% discount to any and all unhappy BauBax Kickstarter or Indiegogo backers

We know what it’s like to be burned by a company: excitedly waiting for a product to come, having it finally arrive with less-than-expected quality, and then (even worse!) the return process is difficult or nonexistent. Anytime a new company enters our industry and has bad business practices it reflects poorly on all of us, and at SCOTTeVEST we stand by our industry-leading customer service, return/exchange program and SeV Guarantee.

So that’s why today we are launching the BauBax Backers Relief Program

In response to BauBax reviews and customer complaints posted online, SCOTTeVEST is now offering a 30% discount* to any and all unhappy BauBax Kickstarter or Indiegogo backers, plus free shipping on all orders more than $200 (US addresses only).

*Not applicable for outlet items and cannot be combined with other offers.

Here’s how it works: send a screenshot, confirmation email or other proof of backing BauBax on either crowdfunding platform to relief@scottevest.com and you will receive a custom coupon code...it’s easy as that! We don’t care what you do with your BauBax, but if you don’t plan on wearing it we hope you consider donating it to your favorite local charity.

For a direct comparison between SeV and BauBax jackets, visit this page. Or, for more great options view the entire Men's and Women's lines.

Over the past 16 years we have delivered high-quality clothing for men and women with pockets that keep your belongings close to you, clearing up the clutter in your fast-paced life and leaving you free to focus on your next move. We hope you enjoy your new SCOTTeVEST so much that you share your experience: tell your friends, other BauBax customers, post your reviews online, and connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to tell us your thoughts.

***Please note, we do not offer vanity sizing and our measurements differ from BauBax’s so please refer to the sizing chart on each product page to ensure the SeV garment you order is a perfect fit.

Scott Jordan

We've extended the program to run until November 30, so please help us get the word out!

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