Limited edition collaboration between fashion designer jeffstaple and SeV.


The Knowmatic Hoodie by jeffstaple for SeV

It takes more than a hood to make a hoodie… it takes even more to make The Hoodie.


The Hoodie-Microfleece

Men's Items

Don't get fleeced! Check out this cotton version of The Hoodie.


The Hoodie-Cotton

The vest with unlimited potential... and 42 pockets.


SeV Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for Men

Striking a balance between good looks and function, the Sterling is highly engineered with 24 pockets.


SeV Sterling Jacket for Men

What a lightweight! Our lightest jacket ever (272g) still has 13 tech-enabled pockets.


SeV Pack Jacket

Technology is the new black. We wanted a butter-soft lambskin leather jacket infused with pockets for the ultimate way to carry our gadgets. Limited edition of 400.


Limited Edition ALT-10M Leather Jacket

Our problem with most cargo pants? The external pockets look casual. The FCP strikes a balance between refinement and comfort.


Flex Cargo Pants

Scott picked up his favorite travel shirt at an open air market in Rhodes, and the TEC Shirt is a vastly pocketier version of the concept.


TEC Shirt

Spies, operators and adventurers need gear. This is the most thrillingly original CCW jacket, ever.


Brad Thor Alpha Jacket

The ultimate mashup: TROPical weight transFORMER jacket (get it?) with removable sleeves that use magnets, not magic.


SeV Tropiformer Jacket

The ultimate (life)style upgrade: Q was on holiday and James needed a new sport jacket… one with 24 pockets.


SeV Sport Coat

Because you’ll always remember the rain on the cobblestones in Paris, and what you were wearing.


SeV Men's Trench Coat

Evolve or perish. The Fleece 7.0 is the most advanced SeV microfleece jacket, so far ahead of its time that we skipped 6.0.


SeV Fleece Jacket 7.0

Go ahead, huff and puff and blow away. This classic design is infused with the power of pockets.


SeV Puffer Jacket Men's

When people say ‘a SCOTTEVEST,’ this is what they mean: the greatest travel vest in the world.


SeV Travel Vest Men's

Multi-season, multi-pocket, multi-purpose. A basic jacket you can wear anywhere for years to come.


SeV Revolution

There is this thing called Winter, and it afflicts millions of people every year. If you suffer from Winter, and you need pockets, this is your prescription.


SeV Revolution Plus

Think of snaps on a shirt as the more active, rugged version of buttons. Buy it for the plaid, wear it often once you discover the joy of snaps.


SeV Snap Front Shirt

These refined, modern plaids conceal our innovative shirt pocketing system.


Button Down Shirt - Plaid

Earn your stripes, or just buy them. The stylish exterior hides our famous shirt pocket system.


Button Down Shirt - Striped

Sometimes, nothing but a solid will do. The SeV-original shirt pocket system is hidden within.


Button Down Shirt - Solid

Don’t believe that the same material as chopsticks can be made into fabric as soft as a cloud? Feeling is believing.


SeV Bamboo Polo

You know the expression, “nothing but the shirt on your back?” If you are ever in that situation, hope that your shirt is the Explorer. It has 19 pockets, after all (not a typo).


SeV Explorer Shirt

The essential SeV pullover shirt. We wanted a basic we could wear every day that was at home in the casual office, out to dinner and even at the gym. Wear it anywhere.


SeV Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip

Can clothing enhance your performance? The perfect mix of athlete and attitude, right at home on the links or the court.


SeV Performance Polo

You’ve seen those iPod armbands for running? Here is a way to carry your devices and listen to music while working out… that actually makes sense.


Performance T-Shirt

Fiber is good for you: this is the all natural fiber alternative to our Performance T-Shirts, with the same innovative pockets.


SeV Cotton T-Shirt

A smuggler hides his cargo deep within his ship, and these pants do the same. The capacity of cargo pants, but with the pockets cleverly hidden on the inside.


Hidden Cargo Pants 2.0

Our take on travel pants for men. Flexible, comfortable and designed with around-the-globe and around-the-block style in mind.


SeV Convertible Travel Pants

These pants are so full of pockets that they burst through to the outside. Anyone can make cargo pants, but only pocket experts can make Ultimate Cargo Pants.


Ultimate Cargo Pants

These shorts were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. Picnic, cook-out, family vacation... the ultimate warm weather alternative to a fanny pack.


SeV Walking Short

We tested these Boxers around the world for 6 weeks and they dry fast, wick moisture and maintain their anti-microbial freshness. Oh, and they have 2 pockets.


SeV Travel Boxers
Greatest Baseball Cap Ever!
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