Hidden Cargo Pants 2.0

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    The Hidden Cargo Pants are a SCOTTeVEST classic and have been one of our most popular items since their 2004 debut. While they might look like your average pair of chinos, don’t be fooled by their appearance—remember, the difference is inside! The eight pockets include magnetically closed back pockets and layered front pockets with traditional pockets and deep pockets to keep valuables secure and out of the way. Load up the pockets with your gadgets and essential items knowing that your “cargo” will truly be hidden, thanks to our NoBulge™ design. And, not only are the pants discreet, they are flattering and comfortable. The 100% cotton, flat front pants (no pleats!) have straight legs and a traditional fit. They are Teflon® treated for stain resistance and have a Fiesta Waistband that lets you fine tune the fit for added comfort. The Hidden Cargo Pants look good with all of our men’s shirts. Try them with the Striped Button Down Shirt, the TEC Shirt, the Performance Polo or the Performance T-Shirts. And, if you need to dress them up, just add the SeV Sport Coat.
    Hidden Cargo Pants 2.0
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