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    Our classically styled Women’s Trench Coat is a treasure trove of features and functionality! Since we introduced it in 2011, reviews consistently describe the amazement you’ll feel when you fill all 18 pockets without looking bulky or feeling uncomfortable! So, pick the first color you want to order (trust us—you won’t stop at one!) and start planning. While we want you to have fun discovering the features, we’ll give you a brief tour to get you started. The exterior has 2 very large and deep handwarmer pockets with magnetic closures. There are features inside the handwarmer pockets: the right has an attached keychain and water bottle holder and the left has a small sealed pocket to hold a lipstick or other small item so you can easily find it. You might not notice them at first, but there are 2 large exterior chest pockets with vertical zippers concealed in the seams. All of the exterior pockets are part of our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) solution which provides built-in wire management and quick, tangle-free access to your earpiece so you can put your cell phone or iPod® in the pocket and wire headphones through the lining to the earbud pockets which will keep them hidden near the collar. Now that we’ve moved to the interior, you’ll find more options for your electronic devices (all with access to the PAN). There are 2 interior chest pockets with hook-and-loop top closures and partial zippers for easy access. An eyeglass/sunglass pocket has an attached chamois to keep your lenses smudge-free. Two mid-size pockets with horizontal zippers are great for travel documents, digital cameras, wallets and other similarly sized items. On the left, there is a large pocket with a horizontal zipper that is perfect for an iPad® or other large item. If you’re traveling, pop your ID into the designated pocket for easy access. There are endless options for organizing your gadgets and essentials! Once you’ve figured out how you want to organize your stuff, you’ll need to decide how you want to wear the belt...through the belt loops and buckled, removed and tied around your waist, secured in the back, etc. While it may take a little time to get everything organized exactly how you want it, from that moment on you will have so much more time available because you’ll know where everything is and won’t be digging through your bag in a panic, wondering if you lost something or left it at home. And, then you’ll have time to pick the color for your next Women’s Trench Coat! Oh, and of course there are the basics—the DWR Nano poly fabric is water and stain resistant and the trench coat is machine washable. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options (or are craving more!), check out some lower pocket count items like the Lucy, Lucille and Susie Qzip.
    SeV Women's Trench Coat
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    • "For proof that all jackets are not created equal, check out this Inspector Gadget-worthy trench coat with, ahem, 18 pockets (hello, airport organizational skills!)"

    • "The 18-pocket women’s trench ($150 at Scottevest.com) and can easily accommodate the contents of a large handbag or diaper bag, giving moms one less thing to carry."

    • "Why hassle with carry-on bags when you can wear the contents? Scottevest, makers of travel apparel with multiple internal pockets, has introduced a women's trench coat with 18 compartments, including specialized pockets designed to hold stuff as diverse as a lipstick, your eyeglasses, a water bottle, a smartphone and even tablet computers and e-readers. Some of the pockets are transparent and touch-sensitive so you can control the device right through the pocket. You may provoke some curiosity when you send this coat through the airport X-ray machines, but your hands will be free to schlep aboard additional carry-on gear."

    • "Now all I do is go on and on about how great Scottevest is. If the passenger seated beside me on my flight from Orlando to New York doesn't buy one, I'll be surprised."

    • "Walking around with a handbag stinks. You have to worry about pickpockets, your shoulders ache by the end of the day, and you can never find anything in it. But how else are you going to carry around all the stuff you need for the day? Enter the Scottevest Women's Trench, which allowed me to travel purse-free while looking fashionable and non-touristy."