Tropiformer Jacket

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    What is a Tropiformer? A super lightweight garment with magnetically attached sleeves that easily transforms from jacket to vest and back! The body and sleeves are made of breathable and water-resistant fabric and when the sleeves are removed, the back of the vest is a fine mesh—our lightest weight option. The Tropiformer boasts 22 purposeful pockets, an adjustable and removable hood that stows in the collar and tons of features designed for your life on the go! It even folds into a handy carrying case in the back pocket! With carrying capacity for all of your gadgets and everyday essentials, not only will your iPad® be in reach, our clear touch fabric lets you control your smartphone without even removing it from the pocket! You’ll benefit from our Weight Management System which distributes the load and NoBulge™ pockets which help maintain a streamlined appearance. Manage your headphone wires with our patented Personal Area Network (PAN), attach your keys to our integrated key holder and load up your wallet, water bottle, sunglasses, camera and more! The multi-season Tropiformer will transform your life! Wear it with our Performance T-Shirt, Convertible Travel Pants and Travel Boxers for most versatile SeV warm weather outfit!
    SeV Tropiformer Jacket
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