Tick Tweezers

Tick Tweezers
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Short Product Description: Spring tempered stainless steel, honed to a precision point. You can tweeze yourself or anything else, silly. Click for full details.
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The Go-To Tweezers for US Troops

You're in the middle of nowhere (again), and you find yourself reaching for your trusty tweezers (again).

Whether it's the summary removal of a nasty thorn, tweezing away a tick or picking up that tiny eyeglass screw, this small but sturdy tweezers set is recognized around the world as the best.

It fits securely into a tip protector so you can carry it with you - hang it on your key chain, slip it in your purse - you'll find it comes in handy!

These are some small tweezers with some serious pulling power, heavy-duty enough to ride along with US troops in the field.