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Extreme Flashlight

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  • Extreme Flashlight

Extreme Flashlight Keeps Life on the Bright Side

Who's afraid of the dark? You may never find out as long as you have this flashlight around.

The Extreme Flashlight is sturdy and ergonomic, and can easily be slipped into a purse (or pocket!) or kept in the car for emergency use.

This is one of the most functional, compact and well-thought-out flashlights you will ever own - bright, efficient, two settings, and so easy to use.

We are big fans of these little lights--they're tough on darkness, and keep life on the bright side.

Two sizes: AA (4.15'' long, 120 lumens/1.5 lumens high/low modes) or AAA small (3'' long, 95 lumens/1.5 lumens high/low modes).

We thought there was no way to get that much light out of such a small package, so we double-checked! Made by Maratac.

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