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Embassy Pen

$50.00Embassy Pen

Black & Stainless Steel are in stock; Titanium eta late 2014
  • Embassy Pen
  • Embassy Pen
  • Embassy Pen

    Use a Pen Designed for Astronauts

    Even though it's perfectly suited for signing mergers and acquisitions, trans-national treaties and your kid's report card, we realize that not everyone needs a pen that's built like a tank... but if you do, this is the pen for you.

    Take a look: this is built to last a lifetime. And you'll want it to - pen enthusiasts and civilians alike can appreciate the high performance of the Embassy Pens, which take Fisher Space Pen refills (so you can write almost literally anywhere, even upside down.)

    When removed, the cap does not attach to the back of the pen...which helps to remind you not to let someone walk off with your Embassy. Smart design, don't you agree?

    Available in black, stainless steel and lightweight titanium; 5.25" long, .5" diameter

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