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Noise Isolation Earbuds

$20.00Noise Isolation Earbuds

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  • Noise Isolation Earbuds
  • Noise Isolation Earbuds
  • Noise Isolation Earbuds

Don't get us wrong... those white headphones you get with every iThing get the job done when you want to listen to music. But throw in some background noise - office rumblings, a jet engine, the braying of a herd of wildebeests - and your musical enjoyment will be eroded for sure. These noise isolation earbuds have cushiony silicone tips to block out enough of that noise for you to hear your music, but without giving you that creepy 'cone of silence' sensory deprivation chamber level of quiet.

In other words, it'll block out a distant herd of wildebeests, but you'll be able to hear when they get close. Also helps so you don't miss your flight announcement over the PA!

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