Button Down Shirt - Striped

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    It only looks like a classic button-down shirt! With 6 pockets, this 100% cotton, oxford cloth shirt is what you would expect after Q raided James Bond’s closet and made the shirt mission-ready. Just think of what you could do with two cross draw pockets concealed in the upper right and left side seams, a small pocket hidden under the bottom button (tiny, but super secure, as it can’t be accessed when your shirt is tucked in) and a magnetically closed exterior chest pocket with two more pockets hidden inside! This standard length shirt pairs perfectly with our Hidden Cargo Pants or Hidden Cargo Shorts for a classically preppy look. For the ultimate undercover experience, wear it under the SeV Sport Coat! Only you will know how many gadgets and other daily essentials you have stowed in all of the pockets and compartments. And, once you’re hooked, make sure you check out the Solid version.
    Button Down Shirt - Striped
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