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Protect your Phone, Credit Cards, and Passport from Hackers and the NSA

The Blackout Pocket is a safer way to carry your gadgets and sensitive digital information while traveling. Using a technology similar to what law enforcement and the military utilize to preserve electronic evidence, SeV has developed the Blackout Pocket. This modern-day flexible Faraday cage is lined with proprietary RFID Armor™ material to protect your digital valuables. By dropping your items into the pocket, they essentially become invisible to RFID skimmers.

It is a standalone pouch that can be carried in a vest or jacket pocket, or attached with hook-and-loop to the interior of some SeV products like the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket. Packaged in a highly-durable bag that doubles as a TSA-approved toiletries bag, the Blackout Pocket is available in three levels of protection to combat various threats, explained below. Read the highly-publicized press release here.


Blackout Pocket Level I

Level 1 provides a basic level of RFID blocking security, to guard your wallet, passport and credit cards from RFID skimmers. This is useful for everyday use and travel to urban areas and foreign countries, where “digital pickpocketing” is on the rise. Some newer SCOTTEVEST jackets and vests have Level 1 protection built into a specific pocket; this Blackout Pocket extends that protection as a standalone pocket.

Interior closed dimensions are approximately 5" wide x 6.5" high. Includes four double-sided "hook" attachment points for mounting the pocket on "loop" surfaces. Zip top packaging may be recycled as a 1 quart TSA-friendly toiletries bag.

Price: $20


Featured Product: Blackout Pocket Level II

Level 2 is an industrial grade pocket. In addition to the Level 1 protection of RFID-enabled credit cards and passports, you can drop any consumer cell phone in the pocket, seal it and be “off grid” within 3-5 seconds. No service, no GPS, no way to track you. Your phone, and thus you, will become invisible. Even if you turn off your cell phone, it is still trackable… unless it’s in a Level 2 Blackout Pocket. Since iPhones do not have removable batteries, this is your only way to keep your whereabouts and information safe from the NSA.

Interior closed dimensions are approximately 5" wide x 6.5" high. Includes four double-sided "hook" attachment points for mounting the pocket on "loop" surfaces. Zip top packaging may be recycled as a 1 quart TSA-friendly toiletries bag.

Price: $40


SOLD OUT - Blackout Pocket Level III - SOLD OUT

Level 3 was available only to law enforcement, government and specialist organizations and it is now sold out. Sign up here to be notified when it is back in stock.

Interior closed dimensions are approximately 5" wide x 6.5" high. Includes four double-sided "hook" attachment points for mounting the pocket on "loop" surfaces. Zip top packaging may be recycled as a 1 quart TSA-friendly toiletries bag.

Price: $80

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The Tech

The Blackout Pocket is lined with a Radio Frequency IDentification aka RFID-blocking material, called RFID Armor™ and it is sized to hold a passport, wallet, phone and similarly sized items. Think of this pocket as a powerful layer in your defense against tech attacks, but like all technology and tech countermeasures, there are important things to note. The effectiveness of the pocket is determined by the level of threat it is facing, and which level of Blackout Pocket you are using.

This is a vastly oversimplified rundown about how RFID works: There are generally two frequencies of RFID in common use. The first is low frequency and is used for things like inventory control, implanted pet IDs and some commercial-grade door access panels. No level of Blackout Pocket will block this low frequency type of RFID from being read. The same holds true for magnetic door cards e.g. hotel key cards... because they are magnetic, not RFID. The Blackout Pocket will not block them from being read.

The second frequency of RFID (13.56 MHz) is used for things like passports, credit cards and more powerful/secure door access panels. The Blackout Pockets Level I and up DO block this higher frequency type of RFID from being read. A typical skimmer (device that collects RFID info from unsuspecting people) will be defeated by the pocket, and that is the most common threat. A powerful skimmer may NOT be defeated by a Level I, but a Level II will stop very aggressive threats, and that is why it is our preferred product for international travel where certain foreign governments and companies are known to automatically scan and download RFID-enabled data from travelers (and, well, everyone else). Theoretically, the high-freq band of RFID can be read from 30+ yards with powerful enough equipment, so if you encounter a government-backed super nerd, even a steel box may not protect your RFID from being read, let alone a pocket. The Blackout Pocket Level II is the closest thing you can get to a bunker for your digital data.

Do you need morel tech protection? Set your sights on Level II. It offers powerful protection against not only RFID, but radio and electromagnetic waves. It creates a flexible faraday cage around the contents, and it will black out your phone from all active and passive tracking aka it won’t find a signal and goes totally off grid. It might not make you a secret agent, but this is the sort of thing they probably carry. Ok... we know this is the sort of thing they carry.

The best way to make sure you and your data are secure is to layer your defenses and make sure your devices are not set to ask for trouble. This is how we strongly recommend you do that:

  • Always turn off Bluetooth to disable Bluetooth pairing (make your phone “not discoverable”) to help prevent “bluebugging” aka bluetooth hacking. A Bluetooth discoverable device is literally always "asking for trouble."
  • Always turn “location settings/services” to OFF aka disable active GPS to minimize your location footprint. An actively pinging GPS receiver is literally always "asking for trouble."
  • Don’t use public WiFi, and set your phone to NOT connect to the nearest available WiFi hotspot. Some bands of WiFi signals can penetrate faraday cages including blackout pockets. A phone searching to connect to WiFi automatically is literally always "asking for trouble."
  • Remember that every technology can be defeated with enough resources thrown at it. Layering your tech defenses is the surest way - short of a hammer - to safeguard your data. But turning your phone off and dropping it into a Level II or III has close to the same effect... just less permanent.

Special Note to Agency, LEO and other customers responsible for highly sensitive data: If your life and/or classified materials are on the line, confirm with your tech team that the Blackout Pocket has been tested by them to defeat the threats that you are likely to face to the internal standards of your agency or organization. If you need to have a Blackout Pocket defeat specific, different or extraordinary threats, contact us at about additional technologies that we may be able to recommend to achieve your full operational requirements.

PRICE: $20.00
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