What makes a SCOTTeVEST Jacket Different?

A. The Versatility
SCOTTeVEST will quickly become your go-to clothing, no matter what season or climate you find yourself. With breathable fabrics and jackets that easily convert to vests, you will be comfortable in any situation.
B. The Function
With several pockets, our clothing is designed to carry all of your necessities so you can leave your bag at home. Your phone, keys and even your iPad will all be safe and secure in your SCOTTeVEST.
C. The Pockets
All SCOTTeVEST products feature an astounding number of pockets, each of which has been meticulously engineered. Onlookers will never know how much you are carrying.

What's Your Lifestyle?


What’s Inside

iPad Pocket

Clear Touch Pocket

Personal Area Network

Sunglasses Pocket

Key Chain

Pen Pocket

ID Pocket

Ear Buds

Camera Pocket

RFID Pocket

Removable Sleeves

Water Bottle

Wrist Pocket

Everyone is talking about SCOTTeVEST

Scott's clothing is the best for travel because it has dozens of hidden pockets and I can carry all the geeky gadgets and toys that make life convenient and fun.

— Steve Wozniak