What makes a SCOTTeVEST Jacket Different?

A. The Versatility
SCOTTeVEST will quickly become your go-to clothing, no matter what season or climate you find yourself. With breathable fabrics and jackets that easily convert to vests, you will be comfortable in any situation.
B. The Function
With several pockets, our clothing is designed to carry all of your necessities so you can leave your bag at home. Your phone, keys and even your iPad will all be safe and secure in your SCOTTeVEST.
C. The Pockets
All SCOTTeVEST products feature an astounding number of pockets, each of which has been meticulously engineered. Onlookers will never know how much you are carrying.

What's Your Lifestyle?


What’s Inside

iPad Pocket

Clear Touch Pocket

Personal Area Network

Sunglasses Pocket

Key Chain

Pen Pocket

ID Pocket

Ear Buds

Camera Pocket

RFID Pocket

Removable Sleeves

Water Bottle

Wrist Pocket

Everyone is talking about SCOTTeVEST

Scott's clothing is the best for travel because it has dozens of hidden pockets and I can carry all the geeky gadgets and toys that make life convenient and fun.

— Steve Wozniak

Media Coverage

  • Newsweek

    Behold, a quantum update on the much-maligned pocket protector, which in retrospect might have been the first instance of “wearable tech.” The “e” in SCOTTEeVest refers to all of your digital doodads, from smartphones to cameras and even the iPad Mini—all of which fit in one of the garment’s 19 pockets, with room left over for sunglasses, memory cards and travel documents. There’s even a channel to thread your earbuds through to avoid tangles.

  • Huffington Post

    Need multiple things readily available to you? Get a SCOTTeVEST jacket, vest, or other apparel item. Multiple pockets means keeping things close and available to you without having to physically hold it all in your hands. When you’re rushing from one end of the airport to another that can be extremely helpful!

  • Chicago Tribune

    A traveling man's best friend, and a backup in the event you arrive at your final destination and your checked luggage arrives at the final destination of the high school hockey team from Winnipeg that shared your flight.

  • Geek Dad

    Seriously, I can fit enough in here to not have to take a laptop bag on a flight. Were I a frequent flyer, this would be amazing. Even now, as a subway rider, it’s made my life easier. I have room to put more laptops in my bag for my charity project or I can just eschew a laptop altogether.

  • Washington Post

    Pocket nirvana here, but if you're going for a nice rumpled look, forget it - most items are slick-looking and fitted.

  • New York Times

    For those in the market for a jacket that can truly hold as much as a bag, there’s Scottevest, a company that for more than a decade has been making what it refers to as technology-enabled clothing. The brand’s jackets, vests, hoodies, shirts, pants and baseball caps have hidden pockets. Even the boxer shorts have pockets for a cell phone and passport should one need to make a swift escape.

  • USA Today

    No one wants to lug a bulky purse around on vacation—plus it’s a target for theft. A jacket or vest from Scottevest lets you carry everything you need, from your tablet to your water bottle. Some of their products also block RFID which prevents high-tech scammers from grabbing your credit card or passport information without even picking your pocket.

  • Yahoo!

    "Cell phone? Check. Keys? Got ‘em. Sunglasses? Yep. Wallet? Double yep. Chapstick, backup charger, tablet, headphones, change for the parking meter? Check to them all. Sound familiar? Do you pat through your pockets as you run down this mental checklist on your way out the door? Those pockets are probably bulging so much you should just grab your bag. But what about grabbing a garment with better pockets, instead?"