Men's Items

When people say ‘a SCOTTEVEST,’ this is what they mean: the greatest travel vest in the world.


SeV Travel Vest Men's

Spies, operators and adventurers need gear. This is the most thrillingly original CCW jacket, ever.


Brad Thor Alpha Jacket

Men's Items

Evolve or perish. The Fleece 7.0 is the most advanced SeV microfleece jacket, so far ahead of its time that we skipped 6.0.


SeV Fleece Jacket 7.0

A smuggler hides his cargo deep within his ship, and these pants do the same. The capacity of cargo pants, but with the pockets cleverly hidden on the inside.


Hidden Cargo Pants 2.0

The essential SeV pullover shirt. We wanted a basic we could wear every day that was at home in the casual office, out to dinner and even at the gym. Wear it anywhere.


SeV Performance Pullover 1/4 Zip

We tested these Boxers around the world for 6 weeks and they dry fast, wick moisture and maintain their anti-microbial freshness. Oh, and they have 2 pockets.


SeV Travel Boxers

Multi-season, multi-pocket, multi-purpose. A basic jacket you can wear anywhere for years to come.


SeV Revolution

The ultimate (life)style upgrade: Q was on holiday and James needed a new sport jacket… one with 24 pockets.


SeV Sport Coat
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