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Dozens of pockets mean dozens of features. These are a few of our favorites.

Bluetooth Pocket

A convenient pocket to stow your Bluetooth headset, USB drive or similarly-sized item.

Bottle Holders

A wide, elastic loop located in the handwarmer pocket that holds a bottle upright to prevent spillage. Fits most "normal size" water, beer and soda bottles.

BudBuckets™ - Earbud Pockets

Small pouches located inside just below the front collar on each side. Store your earbuds when not in use, so they don't dangle and bounce around.

Camera Pocket

Don't miss an important moment! The Camera Pocket is designed to fit most point-and-shoot digital cameras, while keeping them readily accessible. Where noted, the Camera Pocket also includes a MyMemory™ pocket for spare memory cards.

Change Pockets

Small pockets in the corners of handwarmer pockets designed to hold loose change and/or memory cards.

Clear Touch Fabric

Clear touch fabric allows you to see and control your electronics (even touchscreen devices) right through the clear material. It is found on the inside of many of our items, and can be positioned in chest pockets, ID pockets and/or our Quick Draw configuration. Check out the item features for specifics. We recommend NOT drying any product with clear touch on high heat (but low heat is fine).

Collar Loops

Elastic cords and/or specifically molded plastic form a part of our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) which is designed to guide wires and hold earbuds and headphones in place.


This is a hidden conduit system, related to our patented Personal Area Network (PAN), located on the inside of the collar to keep wires in place.

Eyeglass Chamois

A soft cloth, designed to remove smudges from eyeglasses and sunglasses is attached to most upper body garments by a cord. Some of our latest items include a pocket map printed in soft ink on the chamois.

ID Pocket

An internal pocket that allows your ID to be readily accessible. Clear touch material is used on the ID pockets of some items, where noted.

Key Holder

You'll never lose your keys again, once you attach them to this key holder. Some products have a detachable, extendible coil key holder, others feature a detachable clip.

MyMemory™ Pocket

Interior pocket that keeps your memory cards safe and secure.

No-Bulge Pockets™

We use HangingPocket™ design to create a streamlined look so items in your pockets do not create bulges. Interior and exterior pockets are staggered so that pocket contents do not overlap.


These spacious pockets are designed to hold larger items like an iPad®, Kindle®, books, maps, magazines and travel documents. Some PadPockets™ orient your devices vertically, others are accessed from the side.

Personal Area Network (PAN)

Our patented and licensed system for the wiring of third-party electronics into garments. Headphones, microphones, cell phones and everything else can be wired together via the SeV PAN, truly creating a Personal Area Network around you everywhere you go!

Pocket Icons

Discrete suggested-use icons are stitched into the interior of many of our products.

Teflon® Fabric Protector

With Teflon® fabric protector, your favorite things start out looking and feeling great, and they stay that way. Teflon® fabric protector helps clothing look newer longer. Stains will not stick to Teflon®, and spills actually bead up and roll off. And Teflon® fabric protector does not change the look, feel, or breathability of fabrics. Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by SCOTTEVEST, Inc.

Travel Documents Pocket

A specially designed interior pocket that keeps your tickets, boarding pass and passport safe and secure, but easily accessible to you. Some of our latest products include a locking zipper pull for added security, denoted by the red zipper teeth on this pocket.

Weight Management System

Special design and/or fabrics are used in the shoulder area which evenly distribute the added weight from your devices. By distributing the weight on your shoulders, it is easier to carry more than you would be able to with a laptop bag. In pants/shorts, design elements are included to distribute weight for comfort and a streamlined appearance. This feature is what makes a SCOTTEVEST so comfortable to wear, regardless of what you carry or for how long you are carrying it.

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Dozens of hidden pockets mean dozens of unique features. These are a few of our favorites.

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