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Revolution Plus

The SeV Revolution Plus - like most other new items - was available to SeViPs before anyone else could buy it!

Introduction Video for SeViPs

Introducing the SeViP Program

SCOTTeVEST's New Customer Loyalty Program Offers Special Deals and Sneak Peeks to Members

Member Benefits

  • ability to order new products first
  • access to special offers, private sales and bonus deals
  • "go to the front of the line" access to customer service
  • receive a special newsletter with SeViP Perks
  • basically, always be the first to know and get the best deals!


The following is a list of some of the things we consider when making someone an SeVIP. If you think you meet all or most of the following qualifications, email
  • have made at least one purchase from SeV, AND...
  • have made 5 or more posts to SeV's FB page, Twitter/retweets, Posterous, etc. in the last 6 months
  • or have entered one of our video contests
  • or have submitted a fan photo we use on the site
  • or have submitted fan photos that we used in this year or last year's catalog
  • or have submitted a PowerReview for at least 2 products
  • or have been a member of the Secret Pocket Club
  • or have participated heavily in online forums about SeV, etc.